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The mobile forms module offers a highly-functional and powerful mobile automation data collection form easily tailored to meet your specific needs. Use the Admin Page page to build forms, manage users. The form results can be viewed in the Forms result page or spatially in the map view. Forms can be built in under an hour and uploaded on your mobile devices in seconds by following the instruction on the Admin Page

Using the Mobile Application

Once the form is created, as described in the Managing Forms section of the administration page and user can access the form from any Android device. The android applicaiton can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Once the application is installed on the device it is easy to use. The series of screenshots below describes the use of the application.

Home Screen currently there is only one option to select from which will take you to the form selection screen
Login Screen the user will be required to login to access available forms

Mobile Forms Home Mobile Forms Login

Form Selection Screenis used to select the project, form, and asset to start the form. If you are not logged in you will be requested to login and be redirected to the login screen.
Mobile Forms Home
  1. Message bar will inform the user if they need to login and when the last data synchronization occurred.
  2. Project list will show all of the project that the user is authenticated to view and have forms.
  3. Form list shows all of the forms available for the chosen project.
  4. Allows the user to add new assets if the form has been set up to allow asset creation by specifying a Form Result asset type in the form setup. All new assets that are created will be spatially created using the GPS location from the device.
  5. Asset list will show all of the available assets for the chosen form.
  6. Home button redirect the user to the home screen
  7. Logout button will log the user out and redirect the user to the login screen
  8. Synchronizes the the data between the mobile device and the H2KnowHow cloud. The synchronisation process is multi-directional and will pull and send data to/from the server. Data on the device will take precedence in the event of data conflicts. This button can be used at anytime but it is necessary to synchronize the device prior to accessing any forms. The application will automatically attempt to synchronize on the first login.
  9. Start form for the selected form and asset.

Form Screen The form screen is the interface that is used to answer the form questions for each asset.

Mobile Forms Example 1 Mobile Forms Example 2

  1. Form list shows all of the forms available for the chosen project. This allows the user to switch between forms without navigating back to the form selection screen.
  2. Asset list will show all of the available assets for the chosen form. This allows the user to switch between assets without navigating back to the form selection screen.
  3. Standard limited set of answer question
  4. Standard text question
  5. Allows the user to add multiple answers to the same question. This is useful for photo type questions when multiple photos would be required.
  6. Saves the form answers. If the devices has a connection to the internet the data will automatically be synchronized to the H2KnowHow cloud. Otherwise the data will be saved locally on the device and synced to the cloud when connected. See using the Mobile Application Offline below for more information on working off-line

Using the Mobile Application Offline

The mobile forms application can be used off-line to collect information in the field. This is recommended when the field data collection is image intensive. This will allow the user to quickly store information on the device and synchronize when they are back in the office. If the users device has a mobile data plan simply turning off the mobile data in the settings will allow the user to operate in the off-line mode.

Accessing From Results

An authenticated user can access results from forms in two ways.

  1. The Form results page FormResultsPhone main.png accessible from the Dashboard
  2. The Map view accessible from the Dashboard

From Results Page

Form results page can be used to access and modify answers to any of the form question that have been set up as described in the Managing Forms section of the administration page. The screenshot below individual parts of the form results page are marked with red numbers. Those numbers correspond to following description and instruction for each feature:

Forms Results Page

  1. Select the project that you are interested in.
  2. If there are multiple forms in the project they can be selected here.
  3. Download all of the form results in a CSV format to open in excel.
  4. Search for particular assets within the form.
  5. Select on any asset and form results will be shown in the right window pane.
  6. View and edit form answers.
  7. Save any edits to form answers.

View From Results on the Map View Page

All form results are available geo-spatially on the Map Page. To access form results on any asset, select the asset and use the Special functions in the asset information dialog.