H2knOw-how Vision

From H2Know-how Manual


Organise data to save time and money across the organization


Implement a true abstraction layer between data, models, and visualization which allows for:

  • Centralized Access
    • Cloud based, access from anywhere in the world on demand
    • Highly secure multi-user environment
    • Intuitive interface for anyone to access and analyse information
    • Instantly share data with selected users or other software
  • Data Integrity
    • Consistent data and visualization presented to all users
    • User changes tracked and verified through custom data integrity algorithms
    • Advanced quality control algorithms to resolve conflicts and scrub anomalies to avoid inconsistencies in data
  • Process Automation
    • Common platform to implement business logic and integrate external models
    • Dynamic reporting and alarming

For a more interactive view of the vision check out our prezi