Basic Navigation

From H2Know-how Manual

Creating an Account

If the site administer has enabled easy account creation any user with a link to the special URL can create an account. If the user follows the link provided they will be presented with the following form. Once the form is completed the user will be directed to the Home Page. When the user returns to the H2KnOw-how site they will simple use the email and password that was used to complete the form.


Logging in

Tapping into H2knOw-how portal is easy, simply navigate any web browser to

You will need a username and password to access the portal, each user name is created with different permission level. Please note that the username and password are CASE sensitive. By using the "Remember Me" tick box on the login form, the web browser will store a special cookie to enable automatic authentication.

If you are a first time user we request that you read and agree to our Ts&Cs

Figure 1:H2KnOw-how Login.

Home - Dashboard

All the available features will appear as highlighted (Figure 2). Features that are not available under your login permission will appear as grey.

Figure 2: H2KnOw-how home page.

Logging off

To log off, simply navigate to the dashboard and click the Log Off button Logoff 32x32.png located in the top right as shown above. Always log off when leaving your workstation for an extended amount of time.