About H2knOw-how

From H2Know-how Manual

H2knOw-how is a cloud based data management platform developed for the water sector by specialists in the industry. At its core H2knOw-how provides a real time solution for the capture, collation, interrogation, analysis and dissemination of water related information. We achieve this via a state of the art data management platform, custom built for the water sector, combined with custom algorithms that integrate with the platform. H2knOw-how has been specifically designed with a generic and flexible architecture that can be quickly scaled and used to accommodate almost any workflow. The result is a valuable tool easily deployable to any user that can be used for identifying, understanding and providing solutions to real time problems.

We have built the platform from the ground up and it is completely based on an open source technology stack that is fully customisable at every level. We have an application programming interface (API) so developers can hook into our logic and data and write their own customised tools and apps. This provides ultimate flexibility and promotes innovation among all our users.

System Benefits

Our system has proven to save water managers time, money and subsequent effort by empowering all stakeholders with data visibility. Data can be viewed in raw format or automatically interrogated to report pertinent system performance metrics. The system can run in parallel to existing data systems and automatically mine the appropriate data. This flexibility allows legacy systems to remain with the added benefit of data centralisation and combined data analysis. A single open system reduces data handling times and subsequently improves efficiency. Using a cloud based service is beneficial and the entire user group immediately benefit from bug fixes and new features requested by any clients. Some of the core advantages of the system include:

  • Low cost/High value data management solution
  • Generic and flexible architecture that can be quickly scaled and used to accommodate almost workflow
  • Significantly saves data handling and analysis/anomalies identification time in any size network.
  • Cloud based software as a service so anyone with permissions can access the service anytime, anywhere.
  • No hardware or software to install with instant rollout to any number of users and devices.
  • Create custom mobile apps for collecting field data and mobile information in minutes
  • Seamless integration with corporate GIS and SCADA servers
  • Easy access to download and summarise all available data
  • Easy to use geospatial interface
  • Customised at any level of the application

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